Property Coverage
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Property Coverage

CAIS comprehensive coverage starts by protecting your structure with our Unlimited Replacement Cost Guarantee. This gives you unmatched piece of mind because, in the case of a claim, your policy pays for the full cost to replace your damaged property, without deduction for a fluctuation in market value. This coverage, also based on Total Insurable Value, has no ‘per building’ schedule of coverage. So, if only one building is damaged, the full value of the policy is available. We also include an extensive list of insurable assets beyond the structural entities, such all fixtures, fittings, machinery, equipment, materials, supplies and adjoining areas.

Property Coverage for the Real World

When CAIS property coverage was designed, we took into consideration the realities of “beyond-the-structure” costs associated with rebuilding. Site preparation, such as fire brigade, salvage charges, demolition and debris removal, removal of damaged items for repair as well as securing measures, such as expenses for making the site safe are all covered.

Beyond the Site

CAIS also understands the repercussions stemming from having to repair or replace property. What about loss of income due to loss of rents or the inability to conduct retail business at an insured property? The policy will cover these losses. What about loss of investment if a structure cannot be rebuilt, in part or whole, due to laws or ordinances? The policy will pay market price.

Other Piece-of-Mind Attributes

Risk of loss or damage to insured property due to terrorism (certified and non-certified) is covered. Even personal property of the insured or that which they are responsible is included.

CAIS property coverage has no co-insurance penalty or clause.

CAIS also has blanket coverage meaning our policy Includes streets, parking lots, boat docks, dune walkovers, etc.

Now that is complete coverage!

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