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"Since 1984, Tim Wahl, President of CAIS, has handled my extensive insurance portfolio for several transportation, real estate ventures, industrial and food service businesses I own. Just last year one of my buildings burned down, I called Tim... it was 7am on a Sunday. Without hesitation and within an hour, he met me on site. He helped me with claim submission, coordinating immediate emergency service contractors and then negotiated with the insurance company for a fair claim payment. I know his involvement was over and above what was required, but this type of extraordinary customer service is what I've come to know as the norm for this insurance company."

Bill B., Business Entrepreneur
Blowing Rock, NC/Ft. Lauderdale, FL Resident

“CAIS & AmeriFlood not only saved us significant money on our Property & Casualty Insurance premiums, they successfully challenged and fought the National Flood Insurance Program to correct our Flood Zone. That [correction] resulted in a $90,000 annual savings for present and future Flood Insurance premiums. In addition, CAIS & AmeriFlood were successful in obtaining a refund check for our association for the incorrect premiums charged in arrears.

Norman F., Board of Director of SurfMaster Condominium, Garden City, SC
Charlotte, NC Resident

“I have dealt with CAIS for several years and have always found them extremely responsive for all customer service needs. Whether it is an immediate need for a Certificate of Insurance, a question, a claim, or even a weekend Board of Director meeting, Tim Wahl, President of CAIS and the CAIS Team have always gone above and beyond to make certain that his customer service is above the norm in this business.”

Mike T., Property Manager, Perdido Key
Pensacola, FL Resident

“I have been dealing with CAIS for the last 2-3 years and attest to their elevated levels of professionalism and customer service. As a Property Manager, it is my responsibility to ‘bid out’ the various associations’ insurance from time to time. Not only does this NOT offend CAIS, they actually assist in preparing a bid package that is ‘apples for apples’ to make certain that all agents are providing quotations on the exact same coverages. This value-added service is a real time saver for me.”

Bryan K., Property Manager
Charlotte, NC Resident

“I guess the three things that impress me the most about Tim [Wahl, President of CAIS] and his firm are their knowledge of the association business, their expediency in quoting and their customer service. The CAIS Team has created a unique quote form that allows me to spend only five minutes obtaining the information the company needs to provide a quotation for my associations -- versus sometimes hours with other agents. CAIS has a keen respect for my time, understanding that insurance is just one part of my responsibilities to an association. “

Todd L., Property Manager
Myrtle Beach, SC Resident

“Tim has the unique talent of taking the ‘mumbo-jumbo legalese’ of an insurance contract and presenting it in understandable, everyday language. I often ask Tim to accompany me on difficult appointments to use this talent in helping my clients. I consider this a real value in customer service”.

Louise W., Agent
Boone, NC Resident

“Tim has been my exclusive agent since 1990, covering multiple commercial properties and centers I own in Florida and NY. Although I have not had many claims with Tim for the last 20 years, when I do he responds immediately, and with professionalism, which reflects his experience in the insurance business.”

John L., Commercial Property Owner
Long Island, NY & Ft Lauderdale, FL Resident