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Meet Our President

Our President
The ‘CAIS Difference’ that you’ll experience as a client is wholly contributed to the President of the company, Timothy Wahl. He is devoted to clients, agents and developing the most comprehensive and refined insurance programs available.

Tim has been a licensed insurance agent since 1977 and has consistently excelled in the industry, earning such prestigious awards as ‘National Agent of the Year’. With both a professional drive and as an innovative thinker, Tim quickly identified needs and moved to fill a niche in the larger insurance industry – owning his first agency at the age of only 25.

For Tim, knowledge of the facts was only a small part of being a good agent. He wanted to be hands-on and completely focused on his clients’ needs by offering independent advice, efficient responses and outstanding, face-to-face customer service. This agenda developed into the mission statements for 2 additional insurance companies he has since founded, Amerflood and CAIS.

Tim Wahl’s history in the insurance field has not only resulted in irreplaceable practical experience, but has allowed him to develop an extensive network of professionals in the industry. He is respected by colleagues and clients alike.