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The CAIS Difference

Experience and Knowledge.
CAIS specializes in coverage for associations, as well as commercial property coverage. We design programs that fit your specific needs. With our experience and knowledge, we pride ourselves in doing business with ease and efficiency, while benefiting you.

A Program You Can Trust – These programs have been in existence - without issue - since 1982. In California, Florida, North & South Carolina and Texas, we are an exclusive provider of such property and liability programs. Plus, we have the familiarity and know-how to make them work for you.

Unmatched Customer Service
CAIS prides itself in treating clients with the highest regard and offering knowledgeable, independent advice. We can tell you that we have great customer service, but it might be better to hear it from a few of our clients. Just check out our customer Testimonials.

Built-In Excess Flood Insurance
In addition, we are focused on flood insurance. Whereas most companies offering property and liability insurance don’t even deal with flood insurance, we specialize in it. Almost weekly, there are changes in zones, articles discussing important news and revised legislation's. We spend our time keeping information up to date and sharing with you what affects your policy.

Broad and Comprehensive Coverage
We proudly offer coverage based on total insurable value of all property, not on a scheduled per building value basis. Coverage also includes such items as docks, roads, foundations and underground pipes. We base coverage on a guaranteed full replacement value, not market value. We have some of the most comprehensive liability coverage and include a wide range of insurable perils, even terrorism. Add all of this with excess flood insurance and you’ll find protection that is hard to match anywhere else.