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How can we serve you

We are a genuine alternative when you seek superior service, experienced staff and totally independent advice for your insurance needs. We specialize in serving condo, townhome and single-family homeowners associations, as well as covering commercial properties.

While most major companies categorize ‘Association Coverage’ into an “Other Insurances” category, CAIS chooses to focus on it. You are not our “other” business, you ARE our business. Community insurance is complex and we are here to simplify and expedite the selection process, and, when needed, make claims quick and easy to handle.

For commercial property owners, CAIS aims to protect more than your property, we protect your investment.  That is why we consider more than the current value of the physical structure. By assessing ever-changing ordinances, associated costs for safe reconstruction, potential for loss of income and more, we design realistic insurance packages meant to keep your return on investment at its highest potential.